22 March, 2013

A nice cake for tea

A new pastry vill will open soon in Angers along the Pasteur boulevard. Cheri on the cake is the brand of a Brittany company located in Ille-et-Vilaine. Since 50 years a pastry chefs team cooks more than 60 recipes sold at room temperature or deep-freezed. French and world pastries are available with Cheri on the cake and among them the American cookies (it is not said if the pastry will also produce the famous English scones). 

Even if the store is in works where formerly a garage took place, the inside of the store is set up like giant chocolate stores alreadu visible at the West entrance of Angers. If Angers had always known the traditional pastries opened (sometimes on Sundays) the sector looks to gain a new youth as well as tea stores opened here and there over the city (the most recent specialized in Far-Eastern teas). Now it's up to the pastries turn. Close to the Pasteur avenue, a new store dedicated to macaroons had opened for alomost one year. 

Even born in Brittany the company which owns the brand has also an English name : "Cake Valley". Angers if the fourth city to host a store of that group like a "cherry" on a cake.

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