18 March, 2013

"March showers brings April flowers"

One of the main characteristics Angers will "cultivate" in the years to come is its closeness of nature and ecology. After the awards the city received a few weeks ago because of the maintenance of its public parks, the town hall has planned on April 28th an event titled "Small gardens, big ideas" which will take place all day long at Molière square, formerly an ugly car park replaced now by large sandy space with here and there flowers and shrubs.

The program unveils a wish to awake the inhabitants to the interest of gardening, and not only for ecological reasons but, maybe, for economical ones on condition theses have... a garden. Different kinds of gardens will be displayed : square gardens, pot gardens, lasagne gardens and even ("in French") a "Jardin big bag". Such an initiative looks to fit perfectly with the image the town has, since a long time, developed : the economic importance of vegetable network, the number of green ways and the involvment of Angers in policies aiming at the promotion of nature in towns, like ParkAtlantic, an Irish program Angers is member.

The town council will try to get more supporters to its giant project "New banks" which should play the role of a "green frontside" for people outside the city and to link it with its urban policy of sustainable development. Angers announces other events until the end of the year pointing out the close relationship (some) Angevins have with nature. Regarding the amount of wastes collected in publics spaces in the city, it's rather "Few gardeners, big defiances".

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