30 March, 2013

Charity begins after home agency

The Emmaüs Angers community is opening a second store in Angers down town. Already present on Pasteur avenue, the new selling point will be set up on Carnot boulevard, one of the most important way of car traffic in the city. The community will sell there a range of items for home and clothes. The promoters of that project say that the products sold in that store will not be luxury goods and the prices will not be higher than those of the Saint-Jean-de-Linières (suburbs of Angers) where the community has its main centre. 

Credit Picture : Angers Emmaüs
The opening of the store looks to be a symbol of the turning point the city has experienced during the last ten years. After an economic boom in the real estate sector, all the professional have saw the dramatic decrease of their turnover and of the profitability of the business. And the now international charitable community founded in 1949 in France by the Abbé Pierre to combat poverty and homelessness is taking the place of a real-estate agency.

The families looking for low priced items they can buy in the usual stores of Angers come after families looking for houses, flats or building lands. Damaged individuals come after people who had resources to undertake a project. Few by few, the impoverishment looks to strike down more and more families of Angers.

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