20 March, 2013

Angers store owners at the front side... of policy

Maybe they don't catch customers. Never-theless, they are in the middle of the front side of the political battle which starts to liven up almost one year before the municipal ballots of 2014. But, during the last year something has changed. While they were powerless regarding the constraints brought by the works of the first tramway line, then by the set up of the commercial park, Atoll, things look to have recently changed for Angers retailers.

After they got audience in the public opinion regarding the soaring of car park fares decided by town hall, they gained the withdrawal of the pavement tax project planned by the city council majority. Very recently, one of the Ralliement square store owners led after a hunger strike the Angers mayor himself to remove all the giant pots of shrubs, set up for years around the place. And yesterday, another store owner threatened a deputy mayor of a complain after a "false accusation" regarding the sale of alcohols...

The Angers mayor is working to switch off fuses of gunpowder kegs but that is weakening his position and the authority he needs as a no elected mayor, after the resignation of Jean-Claude Antonini, former Angers mayor. His opponent, Christophe Béchu seized upon the issue of the architectural failure of Ralliement square. But Angers store owners do not be deceived : customers and vote catchers are very different things...

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  1. bonjour, bien evidement nous ne confondons rien, les commerçants(dont je fais partie) on a coeur de developper et valoriser cette ville que nous aimons tant.Cependant il est aussi de notre responsabilité de dénoncer ( de droite ou de gauche) toute tentative de nuire a l'économie locale et a ses emplois si rares en ce moment!! et nous regrettons que celles-ci soient si nombreuses (polémiques) en ce moment.Nous incitons vivement et rapidement la mairie a créer a climat serein et honnête avec ses administrés et commerçants, qui sont les forces vives de notre ville. Fabien REBOURS Président du GEC