12 July, 2012

The summer internet talk between mayor and inhabitants points out these are worried on daily inconveniences

A few weeks before the summer break, Frédéric Beatse, the Angers mayor, spoke by internet with the inhabitants about issues which, most of the time, were connected to the quality of life, a caracteristic previous and present town councils put ahead. Noises (in town center and districts), difficulties to park car and filthness of Ralliement square are one of the topics of interest for inhabitants.

Regarding the present noises coming from the works for the new distric near the Angers Saint-Laud station, Mr. Beatse admits the existence of inconveniences during next months but is sure the noises due to the train traffic will disappear once the programm will be completed. Face to the nightly noises in Bressigny street due to students, Mr Beatse disclosed that measures were examined in order to make life more easy for neighbours.

Questionned about the filthness of Ralliement square, the mayor, apparently, has no answers pointing out that events will, as previously, organized in the place, but these are not really new (Accroches-Coeurs, Soleils d'hiver, etc). A disappointment is visible from stores owners who crticize the fact that the "clearance day" gives more importance to mobile retailers than to permanent store keepers. The inhabitants living in Angers down town will not be satisfied with charged parking lots for bikes while these are free in the districts around.

On the field of the promotion of Angers in France and abroad, the mayor bets on the green sector. Trying to enlarge the talking to the future, he disclosed that "
The city works on an event around expressive gardens due to take place in 2013".

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