07 July, 2012

The 2012 Angers clearance day got half satisfying results

Introduced as the most important commercial event of down town, the clearance day made come a less important number of shoppers. This loss of crowd was maybe due to the discount operations already launched by the Angers retailers, the difficulty to set up important open air markets when the tramway is running or the weather which turned rainy at the end of the morning. In the places overcrowded last year, it was easy to walk around on that Saturday.

Regarding the offer, the good deals had already been done : the items displayd by store owners in the more numerous streets than last year were clearly of lower interest. And what to say about the items sold by mobile retailers? Just junk most of the time. Moreover, the use of down town locations was sometimes wrong. Instead of using Ralliement square only for the shoppers, a large part was dedicated to park cars of the owners of the stalls! 
Some of them even hided the front sides of the Angers stores. What a pity! On the Loding frontage (that store located at Sainte-Croix square sells men accessories), the "penny-loafer" custom was explained. It consists in slipping a penny inside the strap ot the shoe to bring luck. This amusing clink of an eye was unfortunately not very visible. But the middle of the day, justice was done. Heavy showers stormed over Angers and the clearance day had to clear off.   

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