11 July, 2012

Short term leisure or long term facilities projects collide at Angers

Some choices of investments in Angers and around could trigger questions from the neighbouring cities and above all inhabitants even if the authorities in charge of these investments are not the same. On Thursday, the mayors members of the council of Angers Loire Métropole will have to vote in favor or against a proposal of postponement of the Angers South ring road, suggested by Jean-Claude Antonini, chairman of Alm and previous mayor of Angers.  

Credit Picture Angers city
Given the financial position of Angers Loire Métropole, in which Angers is the most important city, the investments must be focused on fast buses lines and a second tramway line instead of the South ring road. But, at the same time, Angers chooses to launch the construction of a swimming pool complex in the Les Hauts de Saint-Aubin district whose cost is about 30 millions €.

The connection of these two investments could demonstrate that che city gives priority to short term and of leisure for inhabitants instead of long-term and facilities investments which could attract companies, fuel growth and jobs. in local medias, it is said that such a choice could be twice as good for the present Angers mayor. The swimming pool will open a few months before municipal elections and the postponement of the ring road could please the ecologists. 

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