15 July, 2012

An Angers delegation visits the English twinned city of Wigan

Trencherfield Mill (Credit Wiki)
 Wigan, the English city Angers is twinned with, receives till Monday, the mayor, Frédéric Béatse, has indicated to Angers Daily News the Wigan ambassador in Angers. Mr Béatse is accompanied by a delegation of his town. Wigan is member of the Greater Manchester, the equivalent of Angers Loire Métropole, even if the size of Angers (283 000 inhabitants) is about ten times smaller than the GM (2,6 millions inhabitants).

Wigan Parish Church
That disproportion indicates Angers would have more to get from the twinning than Wigan. So it would be interesting for Angers representatives to find out new benefits from the relationship with Wigan. Such a try would be in line with the policy Angers is implementing since more than a year with the brand Angers Loire Valley. One of the most obvious interests would the development of linguistic exchanges between the cities and not only for youngs. The interest of Angers inhabitants for learning English doesn't flag : the municipal institute and other authorities are full of candidates.

While Angers has recently announced it would launch a new tv station, that one could be a tool to promote Wigan and the use of English on the local programs. Maybe others lessons could be taken in Wigan regarding local policies affected all over Europe by the economic conjuncture. And even in soccer, Angers may learn from Manchester!

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