14 July, 2012

A fireworks of rains over Angers on the eve of National Day

On the eve of National Day, it was a fireworks of... heavy rains. All Friday long Angers inhabitants were sentenced to raincoats, umbrellas and even boots while, a year ago, the Angers fireworks took place under a rather sunny weather. The most intriguing thing was, in spite of the weather, hundreds of persons gathered to admire the illuminated Angers skies.

Or they were fanatic patriots, or they had nothing to do that night, or they were inspired by their own inner sun. Adults, children, families, even sometimes with baby carriages sheltered under ponchos decided to watch music and lights. On the same day it was written on a mobile kiosk in Ralliement square "This summer, I take benefit from down town". Few persons have probably read the catch phrase because at the end of the afternoon, the most crowded place of Angers was empty.

Maybe it could be wise to townhall council to ask if the maintaining of such events is appropriate. When times are difficult (as well from the economic and the meteorological sides), maybe the taxes collected on the inhabitants could be better used than in the air...

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