01 July, 2012

The Angers promoters ot the new pavement tax should look where they set foot in

In times where the Angers city city council is looking for new revenues like a pavement tax, which adds itself to taxes in the same field, or (in fact : and) an important increase of parking fares, another idea could be explored. Some Angers inhabitants have bought dogs they have to take out for a walk. These animals are not responsible on the neccessity to answer a call of nature... 

Presently, many of them are used to guide their pets to specific areas designed for such circumstances and make use of plastic bags at their disposal (for free, while plastic bags for households wastes have to be paid) thanks to the city. But others are no as much careful abandonning the sheet of their dogs on greens or... pavements. All the owners of dogs in town should therefore be subjected to a special local tax because the cleanup of the traces of "the call of nature" are presently financed by all the taxpayers of Angers including those who don't have dogs and those who have one and a garden.

An animal at home is surely an asset for the harmony of a family or for the reduction of loneliness of elder persons. Nevertheless, all these owners of dogs already pay food and veterinary cares who cost them money. It would not be unfair that they take part in the financing of the collective costs following from the cleanup of pavements.

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