14 July, 2012

On National Day, Angers inhabitants parade in superstores

On July 14th, the Angevins have paraded... in stores. Swift to denounce the work during no working days, inhabitants made purchases in Carrefour or Geant superstores opened on National Day as Atoll, the new "commercial park" opened since April. The open air market on Leclerc square welcomed pedestrians and the crowd barriers set up the previous day for the military parade in Angers had already been removed. In town, some store keepers had opened their shops and it was not only for food purchases. Visibly, the official position of the stores owners syndicate and town hall against the opening of stores on no working days is not fully followed.

These facts point out, one more time, the hypocrisy of people (not only in Angers) regarding the opening of stores on no working days. It would be more appropriate to recognize the right of customers to dedicate their free time to do what they want instead of weeping over the others things the same could do. At the same time, because the trade activity in Angers down town is not presently at its best, it would be wise for the local authorities to let employees and stores owners to earn the money they need. The collective economic interest and the changes of people regarding consumption demand a change of analysis by local authorities.

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