03 July, 2012

The Angers city should open itself to inhabitants ideas to save money instead of implementing first new taxes and increases

As many households in Angers and elsewhere, Angers city council is presently thinking on the way it could manage, and may be overcome, financial difficulties while receipts are fading. The last ideas which emerged in that field were the increase of parking fares and the implementation of a new tax for store owners who use a part of public domain : the pavements. The creativity o Angers representatives is less visible in the decrease of expenses.

On that issue, it could be useful for the city council to set up in its website a new page where inhabitants (who are taxpayers too) could feed with ideas about the expenses to limit or to cancel. The Angers city, which is (rightly) proud of the way it implemented for a better participation of inhabitants in public debates, could extend such a policy in that useful field.

A first opportunity to lower expenses, and wastes, could consist in charging every person asking for an administrative document. Irigo, the company running, on behalf Angers city, distribute daily hundreds of leaflets detailing the schedules of buses. It could be appropriate to charge, even at a symbolic level (0,10 euro?), every person asking such document. It would be a big change to save money first.

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