08 July, 2012

The debate between Angers townhall and retailers evolves from dynamiting to dynamising down town

Obviously, Angers townhall is thinking about the opportunity to restore better understanding with the store owners of down town and to overcome what could be a stumble of Jacques Motteau. The deputy-mayor in charge of commerce in the city announced a few days ago a pavement tax was planned on retail store keepers whose customers were, momentarily, occupying the public domain for their purchases.

Stores closing down in Roë street
Already weakened by three years of works for the trolley, the increase of parking fares, the competition of Atoll, the store owners demonstrated their anxiety state a few days ago on Ralliement square and, more recently, through their professionnal syndicate which met the mayor. "I hope that the atmosphere will calm down", said Frédéric Beatse after the meeting, adding "to make Angers down town more dynamic was a top priority for all the Anges representatives". Many store owners, and inhabitants questioned themselves about the usefulness of a pavement tax which could in fact dynamite the core of the city

So Mr Beatse opened on Thursday a completly different way and took charge of the debate himself asking his deputy-mayor to open a consultation with the professionals after the summer holidays. A few months ago, another deputy-mayor, Bernadette Caillard-Humeau was dismissed by the previous mayor after she announced the parking in La Rochefoucauld square would not stay free.

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