16 July, 2012

The Plantagenet petition becomes the "Beatse Crown Affair"

Elizabeth II (Wikipedia)
The Angers petition demanding the return to that city of the English crown jewels looks to gain in popularity. While a few weeks ago, the idea didn't gathered more than fifty signatures, the website dedicated to collect supports registered more than the double on Monday. Besides that widening echo, the most unforeseen (?) effect of the move is the interest it got recently in English speaking newspapers, and not only in UK.

Famous tabloids and their websites have very recently covered the demand of Angers city. Even if its satisfaction is highly unlikely, 800 000 signatures are aimed. The canadian Globe and Mail, the Banglore Mirror (India), The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail (from UK) are among the medias that the petition surprised.  Even some articles have been published in Turkey or Vietnam. 
The Sun, famous for its "clear-cut" coverages, recalls "Angers... home of the House of Plantagenet ruled England from 1154 to 1485 providing some of the greatest monarchs in British history. Now, city chiefs want the royal sparklers from the Queen, in lieu of 513 years' compensation. The Queen will be sent the petition in September. An Angers city spokesman admitted it had 'little chance of success'".

In fact such a demand "would amount to billions in today's currency, but Angers is prepared to accept the jewels to cover it all", writes The Telegraph which details "The current crown jewels dated back only to the coronation of Charles II - long after Edward, the Plantagent pretender, was killed". 

The Daily Mail " makes fun of the Plantagenet kings who ruled England "were more French than English. Richard I, the iconic Lionheart barely spoke a word of English" and encourage the petition to Her Majesty Elizabeth II "who speaks good French". It is not said the Angers mayor, Frédéric Béatse, will send an invitation to Les Accroches-Coeurs to the Queen or if this one will sign the petition.

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