02 July, 2012

Petition Plantagenet : good idea, bad direction

Plantagenet armorials
While, obviously, the petition demanding the return to Angers of the jewels of the british crown is not enthusiastic among the inhabitants, its promoters should evolve in their demand. Because such an initative has to see with the next edition of the annual event the city organizes "Les Accroches-Coeurs", it is maybe time to reorientate the petition toward another direction.

Anjou armorials
Many signs in town testify about the interest of Angers inhabitants regarding the English world. The classes in English of the Municipal Institute which welcome a lot of people, the existence of an English speaking library, the running of a little tea room where English is only spoken, the numerous ads in stores written in English and recently the opening of a flight Angers London are some of them. So instead of claiming about the return of a symbol of England to Angers, the promoters of the petition should rather demand the return of Angers to England.

If the present initiative has to be proceeded, and moreover if it works, justice would be to give the name of Edward Plantagenet, a martyr in England history, to a street of Angers. But the display of many Englands symbol during the Acctoches-Coeurs, and after, would be an original positionning of the city in search of fame at international scale.

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