03 July, 2012

The Conseil general tears down a wall on in order to open a political boulevard for 2014

Invisible in Angers downtown while it hosts the Mainet-et-Loire prefecture, the Conseil general of that department could be more in sight in the years to come. It announced on Tuesday that it will start next year important works. These works consist in the construction of new buildings for services presently set up here and there in Angers.

Little detail, this project will be visible by passers-by on Foch boulevard not only because offices of the authority will be accessible from that point but, above all, because private stores will be integrated in the scheme. For the authority, the point is not only architectural, even if the wall surrounding the institution made, till now, impossible for the pedestrians to have a view on the gardens located inside. The project has also a political meaning.

If the works start next year, they could be completed, or close to be finished, on 2014, which is a municipal elections' year. And the city is probably still an important asset to catch in the political trajectory of the Conseil general chairman, Christophe Béchu. The implementation of such a project will surely be used as a political argument illustrating modernism and openness against his future competitor who, probably, will come from the present majority at own hall.

On a daily basis, the Angers inhabitants will benefit of such a change. A new debate could be fueled by the costs of the projects the same inhabitants will have to pay...

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