06 July, 2012

Angers classified in the 20th most dynamic French cities

According to the French economic magazine Challenges, Angers is in the first twenty most dynamic cities of the country. That trend is checked through the arrival of new inhabitants during the last five years; the good level in education and... the creation of companies because only 14% have less than five years of existence (a period most of young companies do not exceed). Unfortunately, the creation of jobs doesn't follow, has noticed Challenges with datas previous to the present financial and economic crisis...

Exhibition of Vegepolys in St-Laud station (Credit Angers)
The news is published by Angers city in its website. The officials consider that, little by little, Angers is leaving its image of lovely sleepy city. According to the website, such a result is due to the marketing positionning Angers took about two years ago with the brand Angers Loire Valley.

If, at a national level, Toulouse and Montpellier, are at the top of the ranking, the cities of Western France like Nantes, Rennes and Angers get out while the going is good because of the quality of the life there.For the magazine, the cities of the Atlantic bow are looking to reorientate their economies towards new fields intsead of industry. It could be nevertheless hazardous for Angers to have its back to industry. Toulouse has an important aeronautical industry.

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