09 July, 2012

A series of violent agressions erupted in Angers town center last weekend

Angers has known during the last days a series of violent attacks which cast doubt on the calmness of the city. On Friday morning, just after he left a nightclub, a man was mugged and has had his wallet stolen. The two individuals responsible of the agression have been arrested. During the following night, at 04.00 am, three persons were insulted by individuals from a balcony. After an explanation, one of the pedestrians was severely wounded with a knife.

On Saturday night, in Angers downtown, after a brawl betewen several persons, a man was badly hit with an iron bar. Wounded at the head he was cleared to the hospital. On Sunday morning (02.00 am), two policemen were severly wounded while they had to deal with a group of alcoholized persons. After these individuals insulted the French "bobbies", they resisted to their arrest punching and kicking the policemen who were due to be cleared to the hospital.

In all these offenses, alcohol seems the origin of the troubles. Such insecurity should lead Angers city to takes measures against store owners who sell wines and spirits to customers without any care for the safety of these and of the inhabitants. Angers down town will hardly recover attractiveness if these problems are not solved.

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