10 June, 2012

Yoga : now an Angers way of training in English

Silently and relaxed, English is widening its presence in Angers. After the numerous ads visible in the city front stores, the courses about English dedicated to the youngest Angevins, the English-Language library in Angers, the tea room My Favourite Place and more recently, even it is not written in English, the petition for the return of the UK jewels crown to Angers, another way of learning English has taken en new way : yoga.

A "Yoga classe in English" is now accessible in the La Madeleine district allowing people, not only to "A mindfulness approach developing calm, clarity and a sensitivity to the responses of the body and the breath", but also to a better understanding of English through informal talks : almost a subliminal way of training in English. The classes of yoga are handed out by Celeste, a certified yoga teacher by the British Wheel of Yoga.

If Celest has imported English spoken yoga in Angers, a former Angers inhabitant learnt discoverd yoga in US where she decided do settle there for almost twenty years. It is not said yoga is taught in French...

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