29 June, 2012

In Saint-Laud street : Motard Lunetier launches a clink of an eye

While some streets of downtown Angers are declining because of the economic crisis or the consequences of the tramway, others are gaining in touch and fame. That could be the case of the Saint-Laud street, one of the oldest streets of Angers because it could have been created during the Roman period. Divided by the Roë street, the Saint-Laud street, little by little, is recovering its charms of ancient times. 

After an hairdresser has undertaken the restoration of the groundfloor of an old building, an optician has doubled the surface of its store and above all had gave it back its charm. Motard Lunetier is first a stylishness frontside covered by a sheen black spotlighted by a narrow copper line. But of course, the interest is inside. Here, the sunglasses and eyeglasses are displayed as if they were artistic items and have to be choosen like fashion accessories. Old frontside but new selling methods. 

The owner took the initiative of a party on wednesday, inviting neighbouring store keepers. It was a pleasant and original evening with surprising meals and wines. Two big choppers at the doorstep of the store were a wink refering to the name of the host. The store is now ready to cruise for a long journey on success'road.

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