05 June, 2012

Angers castle : a new royal home succeeds to itself

The royal home of Angers castle, destroyed by a fire three years ago, has risen from the ashes. On January 10 2009, many Angers inhabitants saw, powerless and incredulous, the fire ate up the roof, the framework as well as the ceilings and the floors of that historic building located at the core of the castle, itself the main Angers monument. In that days of 2009, dozens of firefighters pulled manually their pipes in the fortress while a thick grey smoke escaped from the buildings, mesmerising car drivers around.

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On the following morning, the royal home displayed a pure desolation : the walls of the building were grey, their windows opening on dark vacuum and, all around, junks on a surface empty without any plants or trees. Hopefully, seven ancient tapestries were withdrawn from the scene. Questionned about his feelings, the mayor of that period said "it was frightening because a part of Angers history had vanished in smokes".

Almost three years later, the royal logis opened its doors to visitors. The works of local companies has re-done the building completely. Angers companies gathered 300 000 € and inhabitants 30 000 €. The costs of the works were 7 millions €. And the place, which belongs to the state and not to the city, will again host visitors from next summer.

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