11 June, 2012

The left is in progress in Angers and new faces could emerge with the 2nd ballot

In the four constituencies of Angers, the first ballot of the legislative elections saw a increase of the left and some difficult conditions during the second ballot for some leaving candidates. In Angers town 1, the socialist Luc Belot is ahead (41%) the Ump leaving member of Parliament (Mp), Paul Jeanneteau (34%). The stock of supporters look more important for Mr Belot than for Mr Jeanneteau. That constituency was during a long time acquired by Roselyne Bachelot, former minister of health.

In Angers town 2, the leaving Mp, Marc Goua, should be reelected. He missed the reelection in the first ballot with a very narrow margin and was above the 50% in Angers poll stations. The second ballot should be without surprise. In Angers town 6, the reelection of the leaving Mp, Hervé de Charette, former foreing minister, is not already won. His challenger, Serge Bardy is not very far from the former minister and could benefit of a better transfer of voices, even from the right electorate. In Angers Mr Bardy is ahead.

In Angers town 7, the situation of the leaving candidate, Marc Laffineur, himself minister till the late presidential elections, is not sure at all. Mr Laffineur could be defeated by his challenger Sylvia Camara-Tombini. In Angers Mrs Camara-Tombini reaches 45% and Mr Laffineur 28%. So a new generation and a new balance right-left could emerge in Angers.

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