04 June, 2012

A second national brand asks for an opening of stores on Sundays

As it was predictable, the polemical issue regarding the opening of stores on Sundays is resurfacing. According a report published by an Angers web media, one of the national brand present in the new commercial park of Angers, L'Atoll, the house furnishings. But, even if the first two months are quite satisfactory, "what we would like now, is to open all Sundays", says the manager of the But Angers store. 

The outcome is not surprising. All the stores which came to L'Atoll have now to make beneficial their investment in the place. A first assessment of the two first months of running, the opinions would be rather mitigated. All the commercial surfaces are not rented. About 7 000 m2 are always free on 71 000 m2 available for stores : 10%. Moreover, the wish to attract more passers-by stimulate the storekeepers of L'Atoll to wish new brands in the field of culture and food superstore. What could make the L'Atoll equivalent to a new district of Angers. 

So, if the complex reaches its goal to get such new stores, the pressure in favor of the opening of the stores of L'Atoll on Sundays will increase. Culture (cinemas, bookstores) is a field in which people are eager to purchase on weekends. In Angers medias, many inhabitants and lobbies got indignant about the idea of working on Sundays after a superstores (Leclerc) decided to open on Sundays mornings. An idea it gave up in the first weeks of 2012.

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