24 June, 2012

The Plantagenet petition takes an unforeseen way : the return of Anjou to England

If the "Plantagenet petition" made public about a month ago on the Angers citywebsite has got a limited number of supporters, a fact is nevertheless amazing. Among the 57 "people who like it" and 38 "people talking about this", a significant part of the messages published on the page of the petition are written... in English by English subjects of queen Elizabeth II.

"Angers demands return of British Crown Jewels", reports the website www.guide2paysdelaloire.com which explains why Angers citizens want their jewels back and hightlights the part of the former Comté d'Anjou in the history of the United Kingdom. But some of the posts suggest an original and unforeseen angle of analysis.

Instead of demanding the return of the jewels to Angers, the petition should demand the return of Anjou under English sovereignty. "I propose gathering an army to liberate the Angevins from the tyrrany of French Republicanism, returning the city to the Crown of England. Fear not, brave souls of Angers, we are coming! God Save the Queen", wrote one of them.

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  1. Il me semble que la proposition de mettre l'Anjou sous la souveraineté anglaise (English sovereignty) inverse le problème : il s'agit de remettre l'Angleterre sous la souveraineté de l'Anjou !