23 June, 2012

Angers would choose a second trolley line disminished by half

The undetermined postponement of the Angers South expressway predicted correctly the priority given by the members of the Angers Loire Métropole board for a second tramway line. According to some informations published recently by local medias, the B line would, nevertheless, shorter than foreseen. The reason? Money. The Angers authority, affected by the decrease of its receipts, would decided the construction of an "half line".

At the beginning, it was planned that the second line would link Beaucouzé to the exhibition park of Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou along 16 kms. The new project has recently been downsized : the B line would link two Angers districts : Belle-Beille to Monplaisir (12,8 kms). According to Luc Belot, deputy mayor of Angers in charge of the project, the cost per km is 20 millions euros, i.e. 256 millions euros.

(Credit picture, Cramos, Wikipedia)
 The problem is the second line will run, at best, in 2020... in spite ot the fact that its route looks much more interesting than the A line. Belle-Beille is the most important location of students in Angers. The end of that line is less justifiable. The cost of the trolley is partially financed by the private sector. And no industrial zone in Angers is served by the tramway...

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