27 June, 2012

Angers is on the Planet ... Sushi

The japanese sushi has now fully integrated the Angers restaurants landscape. A Planet Sushi opened on Foch boulevard is the third fastfood on that way after the US Mc Donald's and, more recently, the french VF. Located in front of the Saint Aubin street, the 20th restaurant the french brand created in 1998 by a Paris businessman. 

Few by few, the main street of Angers takes a new faces. The old stores opened a long time ago by local businessmen which sold luxury items leave room to trade mark stores selling perishable and ephemral goods. Probably the most visible symbol of the economic trend the city is now following.  Angers is sensitive to the image and fame of japanese cooking. Another restaurant opened almost two years ago in Plantagenet street. In that field too, the attachment of Angevins for their traditionnal cuisine looks fading. 

Credit picture Planet Sushi
The Angers restaurant of the Planet Sushi offers different formulas : the menu and the deliveries at home. The pink looks to be a trendy colors because the neighbouring restaurant Boeuf Framboise has the same shade. but the likeliness stops there.

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