26 June, 2012

Angers city will collect more taxes on the pavements

"Many a mickle makes a muckle". That popular sentence is probably in the mind of many Angers town councillors who fear the decline of the municipal receipts while the pace of expenses is different. So the city tries all means to collect more money. Two have recently been unveiled by town hall. First, a pavement-tax enforceable to all stores or private activity which uses a space on the pavements. Second a important increase of parking fares.

The first way will lead stores owners to pay 130 euros per month for every linear meter used by them to their business. Every cash dispenser will lead a bank to pay 1 500 euros per year to the city. Some town councillors of the minority at the municipal council  objected that suche measures were unequal : a sandwich seller whose the front side of his store is open on 3 m long will have to disburse 390 euros monthly (4 680 euros per year) which could be passed on the selling prices...

The second way is a soaring of the parking fares which could double in some cases... Such a measure doesn't indignate local media which consider it normal because no increase has been passed during the last 14 years... A minority town councillor even considers it too little : Bernadette Caillard-Humeau complains about the existence of free parking in town like the La Rochefoucault square. That time, the new mayor will not be able to punish her. It has already been done.

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