03 June, 2012

The discount day : the thermometer of the recovery of Angers down town

The Angers discount day will take place on July 7th. One of the most important event for the animation of Angers down town, interrupted in 2010 because of the works on the trolley line, was close to be cancelled in 2011. Finally, the attractivity of the event, both for the customers and the storekeepers, has overcome the disagreements between town hall and the organizers. In 2012, the discount day could be a success because it joins the worryings of many Angers households, eager to buy items at unbeatable prices.

Generally, these can be got in stores and stands in the crowded streets. But the Angers discount day has another interest. The core of the city is that day absolutely full of people. The streets are closed to traffic and are places to talk and to do shopping. The stores themselves take benefit of this day to enlarge their surface on the pavements.

After difficult years because of the trolley works, Angers down town is now plagued with boards "for sale" ou "to rent". So the discount day is important to give confidence to all inhabitants and authorities that the heart of Angers is still alive.

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