08 June, 2012

The Angers city hall website attemps to stimulate people to vote in spite of an archaic system

On June 10th and 17th, Angers inhabitants, and French, will have to vote in the two ballots of the legislative polls. Angers city hall explained to inhabitants on its website how to vote in spite of their absence. The problem is, even if a person has found another one and will vote thanks to that proxy voting, for the person depositary of the proxy voting, things are quite complicated. And that may discourage voters to carry out their right. So the abstention could be important for the two ballots.

In fact, the person who will vote on behalf another one has to go in the same poll station! For example, if a Angers inhabitants has no possibility to vote because he is in holiday or outside for professionnal reason, he will have to find out another elector who is available to go to the polling station where the first person is registered... And that, the Angers city website doesn't explain it.

These modalities of vote look quite behind time with the arrival of internet which allows, wherever a person is, to realize financial operations on one's bank accounts. It's even possible now to pay one's taxes by internet in spite the fact that, in France, there is still no tax withholding like in the United Kingdom. The efforts of the Angers city to stimulate the civic spirit could run up against the fact that the French material modality of vote are archaic.

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