09 June, 2012

Contradictions of French law regarding foreign people visible in Angers

Monplaisir District (Credit : Wikipedia)
Sometimes, French laws look to contredict themselves in the field of integration of foreign people. Recently in Angers, the situation of a young Armenian boy, Boris, legitimately touched its neighbours and friends. At school in Henri Dunant, an Angers lycée which teaches technical education to people attracted by manual job, Boris is under a threat of expulsion from France, only for administrative reasons. The young man, who learns boilermaking, and is near to get a degreee in that field, has no trouble with the police and demonstrated his desire to settle in France.

A few hundreds meters from Henri Dunant, a father of four chidren, is accused to have killed his wife with weapon with a blade. That man, native from Kosovo, had accused his wife to have an extra-marital relationship. He recognized he killed her. He and his family had asked asylum in France.

A demonstration in Angers on June 8th
So that man will stay in France for trial and in jail during years. How will react the children he killed the mother? Will he be recognized by these he will not see before years? Fortunately, the French state authority in Angers granted to Boris to extend his staying in France, but only on a temporary basis. But the threat still exists he could have to leave the country for a another one, more hospitable while the father accused of murder, if sentenced, will still be there.

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