01 June, 2012

The tragic fate of Edward Plantagenet touches the heart of Les Accroches-Coeurs 2012

The 2012 of Les Accroches-Coeurs due to take place in Angers on September 7, 8 and 9 will perfectly match to one of the themes recently disclosed by its organizers. The execution of Edward Plantagenet, last pretender of an Anjou dynasty which gave 14 kings to England between 1154 and 1485 or 331 years, was really an unfair and horrible murder. Edward was the son of Georges Plantagenet who was accused of plot against his own brother, the king Edward IV, during the English civil war known as the War of roses. 

It was the only "crime" of Edward Plantagenet, born in 1475, and jailed in the dark London tower at the age of 10... The young boy spent his existence in that jail till 1499, year of his execution by order of the new king Henry VII. Probably isolated from the rest of the world, it is difficult to imagine it would have been able to devise and implement a plot against the King... 

The organizers of Les Accroches-Coeurs have maybe considered the tragedy of such a fate and decided to use it as a theme of their event. The question has probably, with centuries, lost all its affective dimension but the nature of that crime is clearly political. In that way, the fate of Edward Plantagenet is unfortunately contemporary. Regarding the jewels of the British crown, all are posterior to the death of Edward. But a petition of Facebook already gathered 200 signatories...

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