13 June, 2012

The car traffic spotted by Angers town hall

After the postponement of the development of an express way at the South of Angers and the choice for a second trolley line, displayed by the city council as an alternative, after the recent decision to implement in down town, new speed regulations, the choice in favor of the containment of car traffic is confirmed. While the max speed along the main way of Angers, the Foch boulevard has been lowered to 30 km/h, such a regulation will be extended to new streets of Angers.

A "street code", a  pun from "road code", plans the lowering of max speed in some adjoining streets of Saint-Serge/Ney/Chalouère et Justices/Madeleine/Saint-Léonard districts of Angers while the main axis will remain at 50 km/h. If "the objectives are multiple", writes the Angers website, the last - but not the least - is "to stimulate the development of no motorized trips".

Simultaneously, the Chamber of commerce and industry published a few weeks ago a survey about the number of pedestrians in Angers down town. The Angers city council could rely on that documents to promote further measures in the months to come. The first could consist in the revision of the rules about the loans of bikes...

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