03 August, 2011

The death of an Angers pedestrian reminds the dangers of the trolley

Credit Angers city
The death of a person hit by the trolley on august 2nd, after a woman was severely injured a few weeks ago on Foch boulevard, sounds like a tough warning to caution to Angers pedestrians crossing the line. It is beyond understanding that, nor the victim nor the driver of the train couldn't stop their run in time. It looks like if a lack of understanding regarding the rules was responsible of such drama.

In fact, the new signals announcing to car drivers the arrival of the trolley change compared to the usual traffic lights. People, for decades, who have been used to the meaning of orange flashing lights, do not realize that red flashing light mean "stop". For the pedestrians the trolley is a fascinating vehicle : its absence of noise during running may instil the idea its a light vehicle able to stop in one second. But it's not the case.

The behaviour of pedestrians, bikers or drivers are explained on the website of Angers city, but it doesn't appear clearly on the opening page that the trolley has always priority. It is necessary to open a guide to read that the first of the six main security rules indicates : "in every circumstances, let the trolley first". But the description of the trolley en environment indicates that pedestrians may use the right of way passages. But even in that places, pedestrians have no priority.

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