08 August, 2011

The European public finances are... on the sand.

Citizens of European countries may complain about the behaviour of the state of their public finances whose evolution doesn't inspire confidence for the future. But is their own individual behaviour well above any critics? Their use of the seaside during holidays could be a perfect example of the unconsciousness of people regarding the safety of the world - economical or ecological - they will transmit to next generations...

Like ruined public finances, with heavy debts, the locations of holidays are also devastated. Along the Mediterranean sea, crowded beaches are full of garbages : plastic bags and bottles are floating on the water or laying in the sands, yet full of cigarette buts. The cities set up huge garbage cans in the beaches, near the tourists, but many of them don't use them. After having lunched on the beach, they go back to their cars, letting to municipal workers the task of cleaning up the mess, at their own expenses. In fact, most of these people are Spanish and live in Mallorca island so will have to foot the bill for their own misconduct!

When they leave the beach, free showers are available they over-use. Would they waste the same quantity of water (in a country where water is already scarce) at home? In fact, during two generations, people didn't act as responsible persons, respectful of the environment they inherited and they will have to transmit.

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