02 August, 2011

Angers Ralliement square in august : sun of a beach

Thanks to the return of sunny days and the heat which - usually - goes with the summer season, the Ralliement square often criticized for the lack of greeness gets at the least an advantage. It suits perfectly to the desire of people in search of a place to suntan. Some of the cafés facing the Grand Théâtre may have understood it. All of them set garden armchairs and low tables for their customers who love to stay there much more longer than necessary to swallow a drink.

Because there are not trees, nor monuments in the center of the square, its stone surface reflects the rays of sun and the heat stockpiled all day long. People stretch their legs as if they were at seaside. Even the babling of the fountains may replace the murmur of the waves. The trolley bell interrupts the dream. 

At the center of the square, other café owner have installed classic chairs and table. These are not as comfortable as the others and don't have the same attraction. They ought to reconsider their offer and make good use of the architectural coolness of the Angers central square. In summer, a water atomizer would even be wecomed...

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