06 August, 2011

"Los indignados" Spanish protest movement now present in Angers

The Spanish protest movement "los indignados" has spread till Angers. Regularly, and almost weekly, small groups of young people gather at Ralliement square and talk about reforms they wish to be applied in order to get a world more close to their hopes.

In Spain the movement is still alive and would not probably end soon. The rate of jobless has soared in recent years after the economy of the country experimented a true boom up to the world financial crisis in 2008. In some of the Spainish provinces, like Baleares, that rate is above 20% of the population. Even if, in Angers, the crisis is not so deep, many young people face a difficult life : the money they earn since the reduction of work time is less important than before, while, at the same time, prices of food or housing have severely increased.

The name of the square "Ralliement" has now something to do with the word of ideas. Those of the new generation do not seem to attract attention from pedestrians. The boards they exhibit are not very precise about the reform which would have to be undertaken according to the "demonstrators". But are they true demonstrators? In Angers, the gatherings at Ralliement square were not very crowded and not agressive at all. Young people taking part in it introduce themselves as victims. And that is may be they are in fact.

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