12 August, 2011

In Mallorca, maybe the king doesn't like "La petite reine"

As many others European cities, Palma de Mallorca want to develop the use of bicycle. The issue looks quite important here, as testifies a sudden and dramatic change of the cycles lanes map in town since a new town council has been elected only a few weeks ago. The works for a new net of "carrer bici" are underway, but the roadsigns indicating the change are far from be effective... 

But round the city, there are a lot of cyclable lanes completely separated from the road and forbidden to motorcycles. Pedestrians and bikes look to experiment a pacific coexistence on these lanes circled by trees and flowers. From time to time, areas equipped with plays of kinder gardens are availaible to families with young children. These ways look very appreciated by tourists as well as inhabitants who find there a very suitable place to do sport or just for to walk. Adults of very different ages meet themselves on these ways. 

There is only a difficulty on the "carrer bici" linking the capital of the island to the West coast. In a district called "Marivent" (sea and wind), the pavements are narrow and in very bad conditions. That is quite surprising because, every summer, the king of Spain comes there for holidays. May be he doesn't like what French call "la petite reine"?

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