22 August, 2011

Palma de Mallorca in the air...drier

If Palma de Mallorca is a city where heat is part of weather normal conditions, the last days, and the days to come, are and could be caracterized by the highest temperatures ot the year. Since a few days, the weather was always above 35° and, during the last weekend, soared till 40°.

If, usually, the city has a little and fresh breeze coming from the Mediterranean sea, this has not be the case recently. The atmosphere is under influences of Sahara climate and the only wind the city gets looks like the air coming out from an hair-drier days and nights.
At that time, there is no very much people in the streets (except in the historical center).

In spite of campaigns warning tourists and inabitants to the risks of sun exposure, many people still go the beach all day long but with large umbrellas and iced botlles of water as well as food for lunch. All the public buildings are climatized and are not reluctant to lower the temperatures. But the risks of troubles are even larger with the differences of degrees out and in...

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