15 August, 2011

The contrast between touristical and rural landscapes in Mallorca erased by the prices

As in Angers, it's possible to go for a ride on bicycle around Palma de Mallorca. At the limits of the city, cyclable lanes stop, leaving room to the old, sinuous and narrow island roads who lead the bikers, in less than 30 mn, in the rural landscapes of the past.

And as in Angers, the real estate development of the capital of Mallorca has not yet "swallowed" little villages still centered on agriculture and whose ancient architecture has, up to now, survived the urban growth. But for them, the changes may appear inside their own limits. More and more "fincas" (farms) have been bought by people from abroad and their restoration works don't always suit to the charm of the rural Spain.

At that time of the year, the fields are litteraly burnt by the sun and, if the temperatures were not in summer 2011, as high as in 2010, they nevertheless reached 37°. There is still a sharp contrast between Mallorca coasts, over built by real estate companies, and the inner part of the island, except for the prices. A "finca" in the middle of nowhere is worth 4,5 millions €, in spite of the standstill of the construction economy...

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