26 August, 2011

A new face for Lorraine square in 2012

Few by few Angers down town becomes less and less accessible to cars. While the entire core of the city is now for pedestrian traffic only since the running of the trolley, now it's up to Lorraine square to ban cars. From the 25th august, and up to the beginning of 2012, works will trnaformed the surface of the square. A few months ago, the trees aroud the square were cut and the ground was excavated to exhume possible relics of ancient town. Some pieces of ceramics dating from the 1st century were discovered.

After its transformation, it appears - on picture - that the levelling of Lorraine square makes the location wider that it is presently. Trees will be planted on two of the sides of the square, underlining its geometrical shape. The square will also integrate the lanes of the buses, making it clear, that the center of Angers will be be more and more accessible to inhabitants using public transports.

The square will have a face completely different. Formerly, the place woas the crossroads of numerous bus lines. Its new design is harmonious with the aerial and vegetalized architecture the city wants to put forward.

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