29 August, 2011

The last glance on summer days round Angers

While that sunday 28th august was the last of a not very shiny summer period, many Angers inhabitants tried to get a last chance of taking advantage of mild temperature. A bicycle ride throughout Angers surroundings was appropriate. Round Maine lake, many bikers were enjoying some of recent improvements of the dirt road. Before july, it was necessary for them to step down before and sometimes after every bridge because the way was not levelled and that may cause some mecanical problems to bikes and even falls of bikers. Now the way is flatter now.
Some improvements are nevertheless have to be implemented by the inhabitants themselves. Somes places have been destroyed not only by pollution but almost by unconscious behaviour of walkers, bikers of dirvers : a pond located on a hill before Bouchemaine village is completely destroyed by garbage and pollution. No signals from public authorities prevent tactless individuals to respect environment.

Hopefully, others parts of neighbourhood, like the Maine river still attract a lot of people. A triathlon run (?) gathered teams who canoed up the Maine river before starting a run on the bank. Angers inhabitants love to circumnavigate their city before coming back in it for a new working year.

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