17 August, 2011

The old trolley of Soller as a travel in landscape and journey in past

If everybody in Angers is informed about the running of the tramway line since the end of june, maybe numerous persons don't know the city had yet a trolley up to the end of the 50's. Other cities in Europa never abandonned the trolley and it's the case in Soller, a small coastal town located in the North of Mallorca island which runs such a transportation system since 1913.

Soller implemented that year the first and still unique electrical trolley in Mallorca. The line isn't very long, about five km, and goes from Soller city to Port of Soller. While the trolley was designed for the transportation of passengers it became used for the transport of freight, mainly fish, as well as coal for a submarine base. The trolley has never been put aside and some new cars were brought in from Lisbon.

Hundreds of travellers use every day the trolley. Most of them get there thank to a train, as old as the trolley, which snakes throughout the mountains of the inland of Mallorca covered by orange and lemon flowered trees during spring. The soft speed of the trolley and the train, and of course, their atmosphere, are also a travel in the past. So Angers should study the implementation of old wagons coming from its former trolley, if they still exist...

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