30 August, 2011

Students on the eve of the new school year

Students in Angers universities are about to be back in their classes. The students of the Essca should be the first for the start of the new school year and the procedures of integration of the new students are starting this week. In the past, many coverages about rumored excesses from these young people have been dedicated by the local press.

In order to prevent any turmoil, the Belle-Beille school has already set up a series of measures ranging from the prevention of addictive behaviours thanks to special tuitions in the school to the signature by every new student of a chart making compulsory the respect of rules of behaviour outside the school and, as a consequence, sanctions in case of offenses.
Credit Angers city

From its side, Angers town hall admitted some new rules had to be implemented to limit the problems. In april 2011, it has forbidden the sale of alcohols from 10.00 pm to 07.00 am by the mini-markets in down town. That only impacts a little dozen of stores. But the city was already entrusted to prohibit consumption of alcools on the streets. The Noxambules team had bee created. Voluntary students are walking in the streets in order to alert any night bird about the risk of his behaviour for others and fort itself.

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