26 February, 2014

The second tramway route becomes a way scattered with traps, for candidates to municipal elections

Le tracé de la seconde ligne de tramway est en passe de devenir un sujet important dans l'esprit des candidats, si ce n'est des habitants. Des riverains potentiels de la seconde ligne expriment leur mécontentement et sont écoutés. Tout ne roule pas comme sur des rails. 

The route of the second tramway line is probably one of the most important topics the candidates may have in mind. After residents and retail store owners of the La Doutre district got from Christophe Béchu, the conservative candidate to the next municipal elections, that the route he first planned be changed, other groups of inhabitants and professional, in other districts, warned that some of the parts of the future line will also have to be reconsidered.

The Visitation square residents and store owners expressed their worries after Frédéric Béatse, socialist candidate to Angers mayor office, announced that the route would go through their district. The current mayor immediately acceded to their wish - the idea has been given up - while a meeting between him and those was planned on Thursday. Close to the inhabitants of the Visitation square, those of the Académie square also claimed that they were not satisfied with the project. In both cases, the prospect of lenghty works of the second line probably explain their standpoint.

One of Mr. Béatse's opponents, Bernard Dupré, running-mate of Christophe Béchu, has just after made use of those displeasure pointing out that the mayor "announces that one of the two routes planned in his campaign leaflet has been given up. But a few days before, he said that a tramway route could not be changed according to the win". The second tramway scheme appears to be an opportunity for candidates to make derail their challengers.

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