17 February, 2014

Laurent Gérault introduces his running-mates and takes equidistance from left and right

Servir Angers, la liste centriste, est à son tour en ordre de marche. Ses 55 membres sont peut être les derniers à avoir été présentés. Le suspens a pris fin dimanche au "Café des orfèvres"... Dans leurs dernières propositions, les centristes angevins paraissent se tenir à équidistance entre gauche et droite qu'ils renvoient dos à dos. 

The suspens ended in the Café des orfèvres. With the introduction, last Monday, of the 55 persons constituting  the list Servir Angers, the centrists are now ready to involve in the electoral battle for the municipal elections even if it could be, among the main challengers, the last to be constituted. The main goal of Servir Angers is consistent with its  name : "to devise and to release proposals answering to the daily worries of Angevins... especially in economy and employment".

Logically the centrist candidate, Laurent Gérault, through his proposals, wants to take place between proposals of both left and right platforms. The means of transportation give him an opportunity to criticize Frédéric Béatse as well as Christophe Béchu : "the free transport on weekends is 3 to 4 times cheaper than the running of a new ice skating (Mr. Béatse plans to set up) or a new museum (an idea of Mr. Béchu)" writes Mr. Gérault in his proposals about ecology.

The tramway is also a way for Mr Gérault to be distinguished from other candidates. The route he suggests for the trolley is also different from those planned by his rivals. Laurent Gérault wants to extend the first tramway line until the Pierre Cointreau Cci centre, then the Justices district. But above all, the centrist wants "to bring back together the left bank and the right bank (of the Maine, not of policy)". Their watchword is "not to asphyxiate La Doutre (the district Christophe Béchu wants to go through) and the railway station (Frédéric Béatse plans to be served)".

The main running-mates of Mr. Gérault are already gathered like the organization chart of a company : some would work for economy and employement (a field the centristssays they will take on with "modesty"). Others will be involved in the finances "management" while others will join the organization and attractiveness or ecology teams.

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