18 February, 2014

Christophe Béchu changes the pace of his campaign and the route of the tramway

Christophe Béchu accélère le rythme de sa campagne. Les mesures qui seront mises en oeuvre si sa liste Angers pour vous est élue ont été éditées dans un fascicule en cours de distribution et 16 réunions publiques se tiendront entre le 3 et le 21 mars. Les protestations émises par les commerçants de La Doutre à propos du tracé de la seconde ligne de tramway l'ont conduit à changer celui-ci. Un nouveau pont sur la Maine devra être construit, "sans coût supplémentaire".

The initial project
Christophe Béchu speeds up the pace of his campaign. The programme which will be implemented by Angers pour vous if that list gets the majority of the city council is currently delivered all over Angers. About 80 000 copies have been printed. And 16 meetings of Mr. Béchu in the different districts of Angers between March 3rd and 21st are planned. In his document, the candidate has also considered the critics expressed by the La Doutre retail store owners regarding the route he suggested for the second tramway line.

That one, which was due to cross the Maine on the Verdun bridge, has finally be withdrawn. "It was a mistake", admitted Christophe Béchu who stated that the route was "over detailed". Nevertheless, the candidates keeps the idea of a connection between the two lines at Molière square and includes the construction of a new bridge (starting from the Arts et Métiers avenue) given the fact the line will not use the Verdun one. But that will be done "for the same cost because the route is shorter", promises Mr. Béchu who, consecuently, has changed the outline of his project.

The new project
In his programme, the candidate also announces his firts measures, once elected and, among them an audit about the city finances and a corrective budget leading to "savings and decrease of expenses" while the "Angers tax rates will not be increased during the term". The reconquest of the Maine banks, considered as "necessary", will consist in a cover of the speedway between "the bottom of the castle" (around the Quai Ligny) and the Molière square. On the security issue, Angers pour vous will extend video-monitoring. The attractiveness of the Angers centre will be strenghened with the arrival of new brands.

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