08 February, 2014

Jean-Luc Rotureau promises that datas about the trend of Angers finances will be made public soon

Jean-Luc Rotureau, candidat à la mairie d'Angers a annoncé qu'il rendrait bientôt publiques, dans le cadre du débat qu'il a proposé d'avoir entre tous les candidats sur les finances de la ville, des données sur une "logique" qu'il juge contraire aux intérêts des Angevins. Son nouveau colistier, André Despagnet, actuel maire-ajoint en charge des finances, a indiqué que son désaccord avec la majorité actuelle portait sur "la planification des investissements". Pour eux, le message a été entendu par tous les candidats.

In an electoral meeting on February 1st, Jean-Luc Rotureau, former deputy mayor and candidate to the
Angers mayor office, promised that he will soon make public datas and graphics about "the logic in which [Angers city] has came in. Today, the budget is balanced but, it is the trend which is important". Mr. Rotureau choose to talk about that financial issue in the presence of André Despagnet, current deputy-mayor in charge of finances, who decided to be one of his running-mates.

Coming back to his decision not to take part to the vote of the 2014 he submitted to the city council, Mr. Despagnet said that the main divergence with the current municipal majority was about "the planning" of investments. Taking the example of AquaVita, the new swimming pool recently opened, André Despagnet pointed out that he had no critics about the principle of such a facility : "I had suggested to lay the foundation stone in February 2014, that was done two years before and of course that changes everything, the postponement of AquaVita would have led € 30 millions more in debt. Except the bridge which collapses, every investment can be planned". Mr. Despagnet reminded that "We first were ok with the ecologists about a € 50 millions capital budget. Then we told them 'You are going to vote in favour of a € 74 millions capital budget?' Are you serious?".

The candidate to the mayor office reminded that "we are worried for a long time. In 2011, we got the
postpone-ment of the congress centre scheme, but we hurted like hell". Linking that issue with the primaries he failed to get inside the socialist side, Jean-Luc Rotureau said "I wanted to include it in the primaries and I was turned down because in the primaries I wished the finances be discussed". His running-mate explained that his choice about his no-involment in the budget vote "was a warning to all candidates about the financial trend implemented for 3 to 5 years [a period with Jean-Claude Antonini as Angers mayor] is not the good one and I believe the message has been heard by all candidates".

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