05 February, 2014

Only four suspended months of jail after cruelty on a cat, complains the Spa

Le verdict du tribunal correctionnel d'Angers condamnant à quatre mois de prison avec sursis un individu qui avait arrosé un chat de soude caustique apparaît aux yeux de la Spa comme relativement clément comparé à celui punissant un Marseillais à un an de prison ferme pour des actes d'une comparable barbarie. 

The verdict was rather light. The Angers criminal court sentenced on February 4th a restaurant owner of a neighbouring city to four suspended months of jail and a fee of 273 € to the Société protectrice des animaux after he spayed washing soda on a cat. In front of his employees, the culprit boasted about the tortures he inflicted to the animal. Those warned the Spa. The punishement is quite merciful compared to the sentence inflicted, opportunely to a young Marseille inhabitant who threw a little cat several times on a wall and who published his "achievements" with a video clip.

That Angers new item recalls another sad event with took place in the city a few months ago when the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, was the target of shameful misconducts from Angers children and adults. Another case, a few years ago, attracted the national attention on Angers with the prostitution of children by their parents in exchange of food and beverages... In that case, the guitlies were heavily sentenced.  Nothing similar has come for the persecutor of the cats while he risked a two years imprisonment. Angers will not get out enhanced by such offenses.

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