25 February, 2014

Marlène, an English air coming from... Germany

Beaucoup de magasins angevins font usage de mots anglais pour accroître leur visibilité. Dans le cas de Marlène, salon de coiffure situé boulevard Carnot, l'usage, qui remonte maintenant à quelques années, vient de l'expérience professionnelle que sa propriétaire a acquise en... Allemagne. 

If in the universe of cosmetics, a lot, if not, most of the brands come from English speaking countries. So the professionals using them have no other choice than to resign themselves to it. But this is apparently not the case of Marlène Gennies, settled since seven years on Carnot boulevard under his original qualification "Hair and make-up artist", because that is title given to those professional in... Germany. Mrs. Gennies lived and worked in Berlin for more than four years and was there in charge, during that period, of the hair and make-up tasks for actors playing in video and advertising clips.

So the display of his professional qualification "is at the same time a mark of faithfullness and a will to be different with the other hairstyling salons existing in Angers", she says. That didn't triggered any comments from his customers or the neighbouring stores. All have no problem to understand the "Hair and make-up artist". The use of that sentence may also have a taste of victory for Marlène Gennies who had to fight to get the acknowledgment of the skills and diploma she got on the other side of the Rhine while if she deserved a French national title in hairdressing in 2005.

In place since 2007, the red sentence "Marlène hair and make-up artist" is totally mixed up with the other stores of the Carnot boulevard and will be, for a long while, still "in the hair".

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