05 February, 2014

The municipal campaign in high-level waters

Il n'y a pas que dans la Maine que les eaux montent. Le fleuve de la campagne électorale, jusque là long et tranquille, sort maintenant de son lit à la faveur d'un échange de vues assez vif entre des colistiers de Frédéric Béatse et Christophe Béchu.

It is not only in the Maine bed that waters are rising. The level of aggressiveness is also rising in the long and (until now) quiet river of the municipal campaign. After Christophe Béchu's proposals about a possible route of the second tramway line throughout the La Doutre district were criticized by the local store owners, much tougher rebukes came from one of the current mayor running mates, Sylvia Camara-Tombini.

"We face to a serie, not close to end, of gaffes and mistakes done by [Mr. Béchu's list] : amateur route of the tramway in La Doutre and B plan as ridiculous of a bridge which will cost millions". And Mrs. Camara-Tombini rubs it in "All that demonstrates that the Ump candidate is unable to offer a clear project, neither to monitor his supporters. Christophe Béchu's catastrophic balance at the head of the Conseil général and his apathetic campaign are signs that he is in bad position and that this municipal election is the straw that broke the camel's back".

The reply was not long in coming. Emmanuel Capus, running mate of Christophe Béchu, questioned "Has Mrs. Camara-Tombinin forgotten the pavement tax? Has she forgotten the putsch of January 2012? Has she forgotten the figures of unemployment in order to attempt a diversion by attacking, with the violence which, up from now caracterizes her, Christophe Béchu and the Angers pour vous list? Must Frédéric Béatse and his running mates be at this point in lack of projects for the Angevins and their city by demonstrating such nervousness?". As it was previously forecasted, the mood of the campaign is turning sour.

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